Livelihoods’ funds are impact investment funds created by companies committed to generate impact while offsetting their carbon footprint or transforming their supply chains. The funds are advised by Livelihoods Venture, founded by Bernard Giraud and Jean-Pierre Rennaud and based in Paris.

Livelihoods currently operates two types of investment funds: Livelihoods Carbon Funds (LCF 1 & LCF 2) and Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming (L3F)

– LCF 1 & 2 aim at restoring ecosystems and carbon assets in Africa, Asia and Latin America (restoration and preservation of natural ecosystems, agroforestry and soil restoration through sustainable agricultural practices and access to rural energy to reduce deforestation).

– L3F was launched as an extension of the Livelihoods funds by Danone and Mars Inc. in 2015 and joined by Veolia and Firmenich in 2016. The fund helps businesses transform their supply chains, giving them reliable, long-term access to quality supplies in the volumes they need. At the same time, it enables small farmers to adopt more sustainable practices and boost revenue, thanks to good connections with markets.

To date, 12 companies have invested in Livelihoods funds: Danone, Schneider Electric, Crédit Agricole S.A., Michelin, Hermès, SAP, Groupe Caisse des Dépôts, La Poste, Firmenich, Voyageurs du Monde, Mars Inc. and Veolia.

The funds invest in long term projects of green infrastructure in partnership with a wide range of project developers, NGOs, private sector and public development agencies.

CASE Corporate Finance acted as advisor to Livelihoods Venture in the context of the structuring of the company’s new fund (LCF 3).


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