CASE Corporate Finance provides its clients with services across the whole corporate finance spectrum. For any type of transaction, involving either private or public companies or individual assets, we contribute to the success of our clients. We provide independent advice throughout the entire process from the early stage analysis of a corporate finance/strategic option to the implementation of our recommended course of action with a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.


Our activities include:

Mergers and Acquisitions

At every step of the M&A process, CASE Corporate Finance supports clients in executing value-creating transactions. From the initial contact to closing, we advise our clients on transactions that are individually adapted to their circumstances and wishes. Leveraging on ABN AMRO’s global banking network, CASE Corporate Finance offers cross-border transaction execution capabilities providing clients with international market insights and access to strategic parties across the globe. To support successful transaction execution, our services include valuation analysis as well as financing advice and process coordination. We advise across the entire spectrum of potential transactions:

  • Disposals
  • Acquisitions
  • Public takeover offers
  • Joint ventures and mergers
  • LBO transactions
  • Search for financial investors
  • Public-to-Private (P2P) advisory

Strategic advisory

We provide independent strategic advice and act as a sounding board for our clients by offering a variety of services:

  • Development of strategic ideas through in-depth sector expertise
  • Analysis of business portfolios with respect to their financial markets implications
  • Recommendations for the optimization of capital structures
  • Strategic review and assessment of corporate finance and M&A options
  • Analysis and preparation of businesses for potential strategic actions

Valuation Advisory and Fairness Opinions

We provide valuation expertise and unbiased advice in a number of situations:

  • Fairness opinions for the Management or Supervisory Board in the context of potential transactions
  • Expertise in the context of a dispute over the valuation of a business, notably in case of contractual transactions
  • Company valuation in the context of portfolio reviews either for strategic or accounting purposes
  • Valuation in the context of share transfers between families or between groups with different shareholder structures

Equity Raising

CASE Corporate Finance advises its clients on all critical aspects of their projects to sell equity to investors, both on the private and public side:

  • Advise our clients on the optimal structure of the equity raising, on the expected pre-money valuation as well as on key issues related to corporate governance
  • Coordinate the equity raising process (business plan, information memorandum, due diligence, interactions with multiple potential investors, etc.) and manage the team of advisers involved
  • Assist our clients, together with other advisers, in negotiations and throughout the entire execution of a deal until closing