On October 25th 2022, Dstny Group (“Dstny”) announced that it signed an agreement for the acquisition of easybell GmbH (“easybell”), a Berlin-based cloud communication company, from joint shareholders ecotel communication ag (“ecotel”) and Consultist GmbH (“Consultist”). 

easybell was founded in 2006 and is a leading German provider of Cloud PBX and VoIP telephony to B2B customers. The company’s unique and flexible service offering has helped attracting close to 100,000 customers and establishing a solid sales partner network. The product offering is refined by self-developed software solutions to seamlessly integrate softphones with the Microsoft® Teams platform. easybell stands out as a highly innovative and experienced operator with its 75 employees and fully automated processes. 

ecotel has been operating nationwide since 1998 and is established as one of Germany’s leading providers of high-quality business solutions with headquarters in Düsseldorf. ecotel has a total of c. 225 employees providing full cloud and fiber services to more than 20,000 customers.

Dstny is a leading European provider of cloud-based business communications headquartered in Brussels and backed by Apax France. The company employs 800 people and services more than 3 million people across 7 European countries with interactive tools which are delivered as-a-service and bring employees and customers together across all communication formats (voice, video, chat, and other). 

With the acquisition of easybell, Dstny will not only gain access to an experienced and innovative operator in Germany that will lead Dstny’s efforts in that region, but also benefit from established long-term agreements with now former majority shareholder ecotel. The multifaceted benefits from this transaction thus position easybell in the best possible way for further accelerated growth within an extended European market. 

Dr. Andreas Bahr, CEO of easybell, summarises this milestone transaction as follows: “Dstny and easybell share the same pan-European vision, and by joining Dstny, we can speed up our internationalisation process significantly. We also get access to a product portfolio, which is positioning us as an innovation leader in our home markets today and tomorrow.”

“With easybell onboard, we are not only adding Germany as a country, one of the most exciting markets in Europe. We are also adding exceptional people and talents to our group. easybell is years ahead with their digital mindset and their ability to sell products online,” says Daan De Wever, CEO of Dstny.

Markus Hendrich, CEO of ecotel, adds to that: “Integration of easybell in the Dstny Group, whose complementary business model is already pan-European oriented, will substantially facilitate the entry in markets beyond Germany as the basis for easybell’s further growth.”

Alongside CASE Corporate Finance / ABN AMRO, ecotel and Consultist were assisted by Noerr as legal adviser.


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