ENGIE, the French multinational electric utility company and one of the world’s leading groups involved in the transition over to a zero-carbon world, has just signed, with the support of its ENGIE Ineo entity, an agreement to acquire the Powerlines group from Gilde Buy Out Partners. Powerlines is one of Europe’s main players involved in the electrification of mass transit systems. In so doing, ENGIE is stepping up its commitment to its public and private clients to bring about a form of mobility that is more virtuous in terms of traffic, air quality and the optimization of public transport networks.Powerlines is a leading independent supplier that designs, installs and maintains electrification systems for railway networks and provides recognized cutting-edge expertise in both urban modes of transport and intercity modes. With its experience in electrification, the group is also involved in energy transmission infrastructure via high- and medium-voltage transmission lines. Powerlines, which operates mainly on central European markets, is one of the sector’s main players in German-speaking countries, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

With this acquisition, ENGIE will be spearheading the mobility market, rolling out both major infrastructure projects and cutting-edge digital services, Operation Support and Passenger Information Systems and charging station solutions for vehicles and electric buses. Together, Powerlines and ENGIE Ineo, are shoring up their transport infrastructure expertise and will be able to support their clients as they take up their energy challenges with the help of complex offerings and integrated solutions.

The transaction was completed in October 2019.

CASE Corporate Finance acted as sole financial adviser to ENGIE Ineo.


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