SAUR, a leading French water services management company providing water infrastructure management services for municipalities, has announced on the 13th of June 2019 the 100% acquisition by its Spanish subsidiary Gestagua of Naunet in Colombia.

Naunet is active in the production and supply of drinking water and the provision of wastewater treatment services for midsize towns in three departments on the Atlantic coast of Colombia, delivered through five concession companies. Established in 2013, Naunet already serves around 400,000 customers and the average residual duration of the concession contracts held is 17 years.

Through this acquisition, SAUR is building a development platform for Colombia, whose stable regulatory framework, dynamic growth and significant water infrastructure investment needs offer the Group an attractive new market opportunity.

The transaction marks the second successful assignment of CASE Corporate Finance with SAUR over the past 12 months.

This acquisition is also the first transaction with CASE Corporate Finance advising together with its Latin American partners MAP Alliance, a network of three investment banking boutiques (Metis Advisors based in Sao Paulo, Atlantico Capital based in Miami, and Providence Capital based in Santiago de Chile) offering a full coverage of Latin America.

CASE Corporate Finance acted as financial advisor to SAUR.


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