The Publicis Group and LBi International B.V. (one of the last large independent digital communication agencies in the world) announced that they reached an agreement on the acquisition of LBi by the Publicis Group for a total consideration of EUR 416m. In this context, Publicis will launch a tender offer for 100% of the capital of LBi, listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange.

ABN AMRO intervenes on this transaction as financial advisor to the Supervisory Board of LBi.

This new transaction reinforces ABN AMRO’s position as leader for tender offers in the Netherlands. In fact, thanks to its expertise and deep knowledge of the Dutch market, ABN AMRO intervened on more than 75% of the tender offers made in the Netherlands since 2008.

As part of its exclusive partnership with ABN AMRO CASE Corporate Finance is particularly well positioned to assist you on this type of public transactions involving actors listed in


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